In house Watch Repair

Harrison’s is Certified through the american watchmaker institute for certified repairs

Basic Cell/Battery Service

This service is a very basic install of a cell/battery in most quartz watches. This service included a new, dated battery and a freshly sealed gasket around the case back. The case back is then properly tightened down or snapped back on. Pressure proofing is performed for dive watches per request and for an extra charge. Battery prices range from $8.50 for most standard quartz watches, $25 for Luxury brands. The price reflects the original cost of the watch, the delicate nature of the watch (mother of pearl dial, gold case, etc.), and the difficulty of the battery installation.

Mechanical Watch

Over time, a mechanical watch may need minor repairs or adjustments, but not require a full service/overhaul. This basic maintenance service is recommended in between service intervals and includes a rate calibration, examination of the movement and watch functions, and crystal refinishing, where applicable. The case is also tested for water resistance, if relevant. The exterior of the case and metal bracelet are ultrasonically cleaned and gaskets are replaced as needed.

Quartz Watch

A “tune up” for Luxury Quartz watches is a service recommended for luxury or specialized quartz watches every 5-7 years. All gaskets are checked and replaced if necessary. All working parameters of the movement and watch functions are examined and the battery is replaced. The case is tested for water resistance, if applicable. The exterior of the case and metal bracelet are ultrasonically cleaned.