Diamond Guarantee

Every diamond ring purchased from Harrison's Diamonds & Designs of $1,000 or more is guaranteed.

Every diamond, every prong, for life. It's that simple. All we ask is that you bring your diamond ring in every 6 months to be cleaned or checked. If there's a problem with the ring, like a worn prong, or a cracked shank, we'll fix it. Free of charge, no questions asked.

If one of your diamonds were to fall out of the ring, we'll replace it. Just come by the store every 6 months so we can check your ring and you won't pay one extra dime in maintenance. If you happen to miss a check in or two, or six, that's ok too. Just come by the store for a clean and check when you can. If the ring is in good shape, you're all set. If there's any maintenance required to get your ring looking great again, or if any stones have fallen out, there will be a charge. But once the repairs are completed, the guarantee is back in place, just like it was.

The only thing we can't guarantee is that you won't lose your ring or have it stolen. We also can't guarantee against the malicious destruction of your ring. But that's it. No other small print, no other exclusions.