Our Story


It is truly a pleasure to serve the Moses Lake, Ephrata and Quincy area. We opened our doors in 1989 in our first location of just 400 square feet. We were young and unsure if we would "MAKE IT".
28 years and 2 larger locations later you have made us into Eastern Washington's "Diamond Destination".Thank you for all your support, we would not be here doing what we love if not for you.


Kacy is fast becoming one of the Northwest's premier goldsmiths. He studied in San Francisco under master goldsmith Alan Revere at the Revere Academy. He graduated top of his class. Now at the bench for over 7 years his skills are complete. He loves setting large diamonds and is a whiz on the laser welder. You may not see him much out front as we keep him busy with running all aspects of the repair department. Oh by the way, he just happens to be our son.

Theresa is Harrison's awesome office manager. Handling the day to day operations and always with a smile

Rosalee has over 25 years in the jewelry business. If you have a question about your jewelry there is a good chance she has the answer.

Smooch is the resident cuddle bear and security guard! The girls love smooch when he comes home in a Harrison's bag!