8 Tips for Choosing an Engagement Ring

8 Tips for Choosing an Engagement Ring

1) Choose a Shape

Knowing the shape (also know as a cut) your soon to be spouse wants narrows down the many options out there and can give you a better idea of a budget. Round diamonds are the most expensive, but pear or marquise are usually less. Try to have at least one or two favorite cuts in mind before heading out to shop.  

2) Decide on a Carat Size

Along with the shape, your significant other will most likely have a stone size in mind. However, they might be surprised by how it looks in real life and decide they like something else entirely. Trying on rings in the size and shape they desire will help in picking the right one.

Size isn’t always the most important factor when considering the perfect diamond. If you are looking to save some cash, look at diamonds that are a less common carat, such as .92 instead of 1 carat. You wont be able to tell the difference in size when looking at the diamond, but your wallet will.

3) Pick a Metal

You have a size and a shape, now you need to choose the metal. Yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum have been the traditional metals used, but recently rose gold has become a popular choice. When picking, consider how easily each metal might scratch, what your budget is, and if you want stones set in the band.

4) Get Measured

This step can sometimes be forgotten in the whirlwind of getting your ring and planning your proposal. But you don’t want the first time your soon to be spouse puts on their gorgeous engagement ring that it doesn’t fit. Make sure you both get properly measured. If you are trying to surprise your significant other you can always find a ring in their jewelry box or find another creative way to figure out their size.

5) Account for Your Wedding Band

Do you want a wedding band? If the answer is yes, think about the style of wedding band and how it will complement your engagement ring. Consider the overall look and how the wedding band fits against your engagement ring. Adding additional bands later in your marriage is another option you will want to keep in mind.

6) Purchase a Certified Stone

You have finally found the perfect ring and you are ready to make a big life purchase. But, before you do, make sure you are buying a certified stone from an accredited laboratory. American Gem Society for the Gemological Institute of America is one example. If you aren’t careful, selling a lower quality diamond that has been certified by other labs is one stunt other jewelry stores might try to pull.

7) Match the Certificate to your Stone

Using a jeweler’s loupe to look at the laser inscription on the gridle if your diamond has it, is one of the best ways to do this. Your certificate should come with a map so you can match the imperfections of the diamond to the specific map of your diamond.

8) Consider the Clarity and Cut

When choosing a diamond, pick a one that looks clean and colorless to the naked eye. This doesn’t mean that the clarity needs to be the highest level, it can still be a lower level and look flawless. This will help you save money as well.

When it comes to the cut, the quality of the cut is one thing you don’t want to skimp on. The cut is what gives the diamond its gorgeous sparkle! If a diamond is cut poorly, it will show, even if the stone is high quality.

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